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Alliance AutoPropane

Les partenaires d'Alliance AutoPropane
Alliance AutoPropane is the largest network of its kind in North America

The Largest Auto Propane Network in North America

Alliance AutoPropane is a supplier of choice for propane and a reference point in vehicle dual-fuel conversion (propane and gasoline). Our network is one of the country’s largest and is dedicated to the distribution of propane and retail sale of propane gas for automotive vehicles. The organization also converts conventional automotive vehicles into hybrid propane/gasoline powered units, which represents a unique opportunity to save on fuel.

Alliance AutoPropane is a member of Alliance AutoGas, an American auto propane network with a long and impressive track record. In fact, in the U.S., Alliance AutoGas is the leader in its class.

The network includes some:

    • 110 partner companies in Canada and in 48 states
    • 800 fuelling stations
    • 56 conversion and maintenance centers.

It services:

  • Thousands of clients including 460 fleets.

Alliance AutoPropane, the Quebec counterpart of Alliance AutoGas, holds exclusive rights to the banner’s brand and services.

MISSION: Propane as alternative fuel

Alliance AutoPropane has made it its mission to continually promote propane as a substitute fuel and quickly make its Alliance AutoPropane banner the number one auto propane reference in Eastern Canada.

To join our team of auto propane experts, please send us an email of intent at the following address: