Go far. Most safely.

Our tanks are 20 times more impact resistant than conventional gasoline tanks.

Autogas is one of the safest fuels there are. Contrary to popular belief, propane is less explosive than gasoline. Its point of combustion is much higher than that of the latter. The temperature must reach at least 493º Celsius for it to ignite. A minimum of 257º Celsius is required for gasoline. A leak can only ignite if it is submitted to intense heat.

What’s more, modern propane supply systems are protected by pressure regulators and safety valves that virtually eliminate the possibility of excessive pressure and leaks.

In fact, not only do autogas tanks meets Transport Canada standards, but they are 20 times more impact-resistant than gasoline tanks.

There are no restrictions on the use of propane-powered vehicles on Quebec’s public roads.

Moreover, our propane/gasoline hybrid system minimizes inconveniences relating to cold weather. The system starts with gasoline then shifts automatically to auto gas once the engine has reached an adequate temperature.

Added to these advantages is propane fuelling stations’ high degree of safety. Pumps are designed to prevent propane overflow and emissions.

Propane is one of the safest fuels on the market, regardless of category.