Reduce Polluant Emissions

Go far. Pollute less!

Generally speaking, propane pollutes 25% less than gasoline.


Switching to propane is an initiative that can be beneficial and of great value. In addition to becoming widely recognized, our hybrid propane/gasoline system lowers fuel costs and is guaranteed to pollute 25% less, which means:

  • Less carbon dioxide (CO2);
  • Less carbon monoxide;
  • Less nitrogen oxide;
  • Less smog-producing hydrocarbons.

Conversion to a hybrid propane gasoline system is as economical as it is ecological! The initial amount invested in the conversion of fuel to propane will quickly pay for itself through savings achieved.

Propane gas not only pollutes less in use, but its production and distribution also generate much less pollution than gasoline or diesel. Propane gas burns clean and its combustion produces much less polluting emissions and greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline or diesel.

Read more on propane and environmentally hazardous gases on our website.


Upstream carbon emissions associated with the production and distribution of propane are much less than those generated by gasoline or diesel.

Alliance Autopropane: A Leading Auto Propane Network

With our filling stations for propane, our partner companies across the country and our 56 conversion centres, Alliance Autopropane is the partner you need to switch to propane. Our tried and tested system will help you lower your vehicle’s polluting emissions and its maintenance fees.


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