Auto Propane Distribution Network

Alliance AutoPropane is part of the largest auto propane network in North America. Our network includes conversion and services centers as well as propane filling stations accessible at all times across Quebec. We are also members of the American network Alliance AutoGas, a leading authority in the retail sale and distribution of propane whose reputation is well-established.

Propane : The Cost-Efficient & Environmentally-Friendly Fuel

Thanks to the work of our propane experts specializing in the installation of propane conversion systems, nearly 23 million vehicles run on auto propane, resulting in substantial savings for drivers and a lower environmental impact. Choosing propane can help reduce your fuel bill by almost 40%! And seeing as propane is cleaner than fuel (it boasts a lower octane rating), your maintenance costs will also be lowered. On top of that, your vehicle will be less polluting thanks to our certified eco-friendly systems.

Alliance AutoPropane offers a propane supply service across Quebec. For maximum convenience, we also provide around the clock assistance to holders of the AutoPropane access card.


Why propane

With Alliance AutoPropane, you can enjoy spectacular savings on your fuel costs. Converting your vehicle to our hybrid propane/gasoline system will save you an average of 40% on your current costs.